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Dream “Fifty Shades of Grey” Cast

7 Jul

Now that I have completed reading all of the novels in the Fifty Shades trilogy, I have developed a clear picture of which actors would best articulate and bring these characters I have grown to love to life.

In each book, each main character continues to grow, making some actors I had previously envisioned simply ineligible and unfit.

Here are my final picks and dream cast:

Ian Somerhalder as Christian Grey

No one else could come anywhere near being as great of a Christian Grey as Ian Somerhalder. He is the absolute best person to portray the young mogul with the perfect mix of sex and mystery; and only Somerhalder could really give audiences a true look into Christian Grey’s vulnerabilities. It’s like beating a dead horse and even model-turned-actor Somerhalder himself is tired of hearing about it, but absolutely no one else could do it. He will be brilliant in this role.

_________ as Anastasia Steele

After careful consideration, there is no one in mainstream Hollywood that would work as Anastasia Steele. Everyone fans have named as their top picks just do not match the Anastasia written in the book. Everyone is either too pretty, too old, too young or has a quality that does not quite work. If Ian Somerhalder is cast as Christian Grey, it would give the casting director more leeway to cast someone audiences do not know and give that young actress a breakout role. Whoever is cast needs to be average looking at best, scrawny (and able to slim down further for the second film), likeable, have a look of innocence, and have the ability to be taken seriously as a bookworm, all while being  able to transform into a sex kitten. Audiences need to like her within seconds of her first scene, making Anastasia Steele the hardest, yet most rewarding person to cast.

Amber Heard as Kate Kavanagh

Amber Heard is the perfect mix of sexy and smart, with the necessary amount of spice needed for Kate.

Justin Deeley as Ethan Kavanagh

Now that Deeley is out on 90210, Deeley could easily pack his bags and head north for Seattle. Deeley’s on-screen charm makes him perfect as Heard’s younger brother and (SPOILER ALERT, see below) Hale’s love interest.

Yani Gellman as Jose Rodriguez

The role of Jose Rodriguez needs to go to someone who is charming, believable as an artist and has excellent chemistry with whoever is cast as Anastasia Steele. Gellman has big screen and television experience and never fails to charm audiences.

Armie Hammer as Elliot Grey

Though in real life, Hammer is younger than Somerhalder, it does not matter on-screen as the pair would work as brothers. Elliot Grey is described as a “Greek God” by a co-worker of Anastasia Steele’s. Hammer works, as there is no other blonde who could balance Somerhalder.

Lucy Hale as Mia Grey

Lucy Hale belongs in this movie franchise, however, the struggle is finding where she best fits. A strong contender as Anastasia Steele, Hale is simply too attractive and unique-looking to be a believable plain-Jane bookworm. However, those qualities that make her so wrong as Anastasia would make her so incredible as Mia Grey, the bubbly and often pushy little sister. Plus, Somerhalder, Hammer and Hale would not only work as Seattle’s elite, but would also make the most attractive siblings in movie history.

Pierce Brosnan as Carrick Grey

He just works.

Michelle Pfeiffer as Dr. Grace Trevelyn-Grey

The seasoned actress is well-suited for the maternal role.

Kim Cattrall as Elena Lincoln, AKA Mrs. Robinson

There is no better choice for Mrs. Lincoln, a modern day Mrs. Robinson with a twist.

Jeremy Davidson as Jason Taylor

So maybe it’s a bit cliche to go after a former Army Wives cast member, but one look at his IMDb profile, and I immediately saw the Taylor I imagined while reading the book.

John Goodman as Ray Steele

Goodman would be great for the settle, often unemotional, yet very paternal Ray Steele.

E.L. James, author of the Fifty Shades trilogy has already ousted Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson as lead roles, opening the door for the many hopefuls hoping to be cast.


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